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The Rated Gee Agency | A Brand Empowerment Company, fully owns its mission to dramatically increase the market positioning of businesses globally through innovative brand identification, development and expansion, media relations and brand messaging.

The Rated Gee Advantage

As a full-service small agency, we have an elite advantage over other agencies.  All of our service offerings — brand identity and development, media relations and brand messaging are handled in-house. Making us the “must go to” multiplex cinema! 

Whether you need a complete brand reinvention, media interview or BrandStory Bio™, we provide a well-rounded, strategic and seamless approach to ensure that your bottom line results spell success.  What does this mean for you? You gain an expansive depth of experience and expertise, smarter strategy, and streamlined execution—inevitably yielding greater results


BIG Business Quality With A Small Business Edge!™

Concierge agency detail and care coupled with large agency experience and expertise. At TRGA, we spoil our clients with the best of both worlds. Forging a relationship and building a business bond that will last for years to come. At our agency, satisfied clients are the greatest return on investment.

Through our array of signature services, as the #1 agency that empowers brands through dynamic engagement and agile execution in the full life cycle of brand development. You, as a valued client now have unlimited options to create your new story, expand your new story, direct your new story, rewrite your new story, but most importantly… 

Own. Your New Story.™

About Roz A. Gee

With nearly two decades of proven experience, Roz A. Gee has masterfully blended her expertise in quality assurance, business analysis, brand development, public relations, strategic communications, content writing and business consultancy.  Serving mixed industries of private, government and non-profit sectors including icons such as—

Today, as a full-fledged entrepreneur and The Brand Empowerment Agent™, it’s my blazing passion to create an empowering and captivating experience for my valued clientele. I wanted to establish and serve at the helm of a movement that was refreshingly unique to the marketplace. I wanted to empower organizations with the ability to, Own. Your New Story. ™ …in business and in life!

For many years, I experienced the struggle of not living the story that was destined for me. I learned a plethora of painful lessons through the reality of that dramatic experience. Then a few years ago, I had an epiphany that would prove to be a destiny changer. I realized that the story I was choosing to live in and live out was optional! No one forced me to audition neither did I have to accept a starring role!
Inundated with newfound empowerment, I awakened to a new reality that the script of my life could be completely rewritten. And that’s what I decided to do. As the pen of a ready writer, I finally rewrote the script and the birthing stage of that new story came through the founding of The Rated Gee Agency.

Today, I have the distinct pleasure and privilege to work harmoniously with small and midsize business owners and leaders globally. Creating something that's truly remarkable, truly exceptional, truly unforgettable!

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